Website Design

Website Design
Every business has competition and there is almost always going to be a competitor that is bigger, better, or cheaper. At we want to become your business partner – not just a marketing/technical support company.

We have two graphic designers, three developers, a content specialist, monitoring specialist, and a community specialist. We also work weekends when most businesses are vulnerable, and don’t have coverage, and this is when people have more time on their hands to share.

Our team has developed many commercial software platforms and software programs. In 2011/2012, we developed an advanced robust customized smart phone app platform that was used worldwide. In 2013, we developed an app for various state lottery Commissions. In 2014, we developed a Live Chat Text Software so you can engage with your website visitors from your smartphone (available in all app stores)or from your desktop. Book appointments, enhance your companies credibility, reduce shopping cart abandonment, turn website visitor suspects/prospects/visitors into qualified leads and sales plus show your customers you care.


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